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Styled Gate
XinTianDi | Shanghai | China
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The Styled Gate is a creative outdoor intervention designed as a campaign to enhance the Chinese New Year of the Rooster’s experience at Xintiandi Style, a thriving, renowned award-winning commercial area of Shanghai.

The colours and designs drop from the facade to the ground to gently bend to become benches and urban furnitures. This action transform the gate into an eventful public plaza where people would not only stay but also engage with the space and the people around.

© 100architects

For this campaign, 100 Architects was commissioned to design an eye-catching 2D graphic to be printed onto perforated stickers to cover the entire curtain wall façade of all entrances to Xintiandi Style in order to call the attention of pedestrians during Chinese New Year.

© 100architects


© 100architects

To celebrate the Year of the Rooster, the intervention had to highlight the Rooster’s character according to Chinese Zodiac beliefs and tradition, therefore colorful and eye-catching, almost showing off.

© 100architects

However, the idea of just a graphic design without a direct impactful effect on people around was not appealing enough for us. The exercise would have been reduced to design an advertising billboard.

© 100architects


© 100architects

Instead, we came up with the idea of intervening not only the façade, but also the space in front of it, creating an L-shape holistic intervention of floor-façade as one entity, turning a Graphic Design commission into a Spatial Painted Scape intervention.

© 100architects

To achieve that, we followed two strategies: The first one was to conceive both parts, the ground’s horizontal plane and the façade’s vertical plane, as one continuous “two-dimensional canvas” where the rendered graphic would transform the given surface.
The second strategy was to drag the 2D graphic out of the façade, turning it into three-dimensional objects that would provide instant functions as benches for people to gather, sit and rest.

photo by © Amey Kandalgaonkar

By doing that, we turned a circulation space into space to stay, into a meeting point to meet friends before getting into the commercial space, a space to sit and have a rest from shopping.
We turned a regular mall entrance into a vivid & colorful splash of Chinese patterns and intriguing symbology resembling the Chinese culture and the Year of the Rooster itself.
Project name: Styled Gate
Designer: 100architects
Design team: Marcial Jesus, Javier Gonzalez, Nasim Sehat
Production: Hong Yang Advertising
Client: Xintiandi Style, (China Xintiandi – Shui On Land)
Location: Xintiandi, Shanghai, China
Built area: 200 m2
Completion: January 2017
Photographer: Amey Kandalgaonkar


Styled Gate

The colours and designs drop from the facade to the ground to gently bend to become benches and urban furnitures.

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Product definition

The Painted Scape is a 2d architectural configuration, which is painted and/or coated to cover a significant area of an existing urban scape. This architectural configuration only intervenes – whether vertically or horizontally - on the surface of the space.
The interaction takes place in the interface between the user and the painted surfaces - vertical or horizontal - in which the users finds information, signals, functional areas and spaces.
The main objective of the painted scape is to call attention to the existing space, inject it with a unique identity, and highlight spatial functions with 2d aesthetics. Through these actions, this intervention makes a formerly unremarkable space an attraction for users and customers.


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