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Population: 27 Million30 million in 2025

GDP: 251 6.6 %

BigMac: 2.74 us dollars

Glocal West Gate
Jiading | Shanghai | China
Competition by invitation organized by the local Government of Jiading, in which their aim was to renovate the traditional West Gate to downtown Jiading.
Occupied by a local wet street market, the West Gate has been loosing over time the cultural relevance and significance that had on the past.
The new proposal was intended not only to bring back the relevance of all this cultural heritage, but also reactivate the area by the injection of commercial activity.

West Gate Location

The answer of 100architects to that request was to enhance the public facilities surrounding the street, providing open spaces to host the social interactions needed to reactivate the area.
We aimed to identify the cultural DNA of Jiading (West Gate area) and to address and highlight them through our design and program, in order to provide a new scenario for its reborn with passing on its heritage.

Aereal view of the Street

As well as the cultural intangibles, such as the craftsmanship, the teaching tradition, etc, define a NON-MATERIAL HERITAGE of Jiading, we found that there are also few tangible elements that generate the MATERIAL HERITAGE of the area.
Our aim then was to identify those tangible elements and highlight them in our proposal in order to keep the essentials, to keep the identity while modernizing it.

Aereal view of the Waterfront

The proposal can be summarized as a cumulative process of several keypoints based on the idea of preserving the old & traditional soul while embracing new & contemporary solutions:
1. Preserving the key buildings, the most significant ones & kept in better conditions, in order to preserve the memory of the past settlement.

Well kept buildings preserved

2. Preserving the old street pathway and materials, as the footprint that carries the soul of the old street.

Improved configuration of the Street

3. Taking advantage of characteristic elements of the site, such as the waterfront and the patios, in order to enhance the way visitors experience the public space.

Patios as Cultural Clusters


New Waterfront with Pocket Plazas

4. Creating an alternative elevated pathway on the 2nd floor, which is the most important innovation with regard to the previous existing situation, increasing the linear meters of retail + cultural spaces while boosting the perception of the surrounding area. It is both, an aesthetical and a commercial strategic improvement.

Multilevel Street Strategy

5. Inserting a big & striking featured public space right in the middle of the street, an object for the society, thought & designed to encourage social interactions, contact & relationships among people. A place to sit, talk, share, teach, learn, rest, etc…

Feature Public Space for Social Interactions


Feature Public Space for Social Interaction


Feature Public Space for Social Interactions


Multilevel Street Strategy


Energizing Pocket Plazas


Design Thinking


Glocal West Gate, a global + local new gate for Jiading

Preserving the old & traditional soul while embracing new & contemporary solutions.l

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Grounded Object

Product definition

It is an inhabitable architectural object inserted on top of an existing urban environment, but alienated from its surroundings.
This architectural object intervenes in the space by touching the ground and acting as an accessible and multifunctional platform, allowing people to stand on top of it and interact directly.
The main objective of this conceptual prototype is to trigger a massive public interest to the place, encouraging the rise of high public affluence, becoming a remarkable virtual landmark that attracts customers and cultivates important human dynamics and commercial activity.


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