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Red Rouge

A splash of colour for Santiago centre

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Red Rouge

BUND in rouge!

Red Rouge


Red rouge in Shanghai

An object that mimics the skyline, generating new dynamics, and frame or “sign” the most photographed view of Bar Rouge.

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Red Rouge
The proposal for Bar Rouge arises to reinterpret the known skyline of Shanghai
To face this exercise we have imposed ourselves the requirement of pulling out the most recognizable feature of Bar Rouge, that specific thing which distinguishes Bar Rouge from the rest of clubs and bars in town.
That thing was clear for us; The stunning views of Shanghai’s most known skyline of Pudong.

© 100architects

© 100architects

Bar Rouge counts with Shanghai’s most privileged balcony, where you can sit down with your well served cocktail and enjoy the most amazing views over the new area of Pudong, which by themselves are an entertaining feature of Bar Rouge´s terrace.
Progress panel / ©100architects

Progress panel / ©100architects

Having this first assumption clear, the second self-imposed premise was that the intervention in the outdoor area of Bar Rouge should maximize its visual impact, transforming the way the space is conceived, while minimizing its interference on the normal course of the business activity of the Bar.
All in all, we ended up with the following key words before starting the design process: skyline, terrace, visual impact and business activity.
© 100architects

© 100architects

This is a project proposed to VOL group; a leading actor of the food and beverage industry in Shanghai.
In 100architects we believe that social dynamics and public interactions
occur not just in public spaces, such as public squares, streets, parks, etc…but also in what we call ¨semi-public spaces¨.
Spaces which without strictly belonging to the public domain, but to a private entity instead, they do actually belong to the public realm of its city, they do actually have a strong public character, given by its ability of gathering people, by their flow and interaction, where almost the same social relationships and uses as in a public space can take place.
Though, we consider that there is just a slight difference on its conceptual technicality: what for a public space are PEOPLE, for a semi-public space become USERS.
© 100architects

© 100architects

That is exactly the case of Bar Rouge, a restaurant/club located on the rooftop of a landmark building of Shanghai, the Bund 18, where relevant art galleries, exclusive brands and fine restaurants together convert the building into one of the epicenters of social interactions in Shanghai.
Bar Rouge enjoys of an extraordinary location not only in Shanghai but in the world, It has one of the terraces that has more traffic in the city with probably the best view to the massive international attraction Pudong.
The terrace, as it is right now is a wonderful terrace that could be anywhere in the world, but does not necessarily reflects Bar Rouge situation.
©Nemanja Aleksic

©Nemanja Aleksic

From the previous keywords was born the concept idea for the RED ROUGE, a new VIP Lounge area, right on the edge of the terrace, which would substitute the existing lounge sofas, and would visually compete with the known background skyline, creating a new usable skyline-shaped architectural object which would attract the attention of clients, generate new dynamics, and frame or “sign” the most photographed view of Bar Rouge.
The objective with the RED ROUGE is to totally transform the current perception of the space while not only not interfering the normal course of the business activity, but also boosting its revenue into a new level instead, through a more contemporary and metropolitan way of understanding a VIP area.
We are aiming to create an object that could host the same or more amount of people as it is now.
Ultimately, it is to create a real and unique attractor that could become part of the identity of Bar Rouge busting its best qualities.
© 100architects

©Nemanja Aleksic

The objects is composed by 5 shapes that host 5 different ways of inhabiting the VIP object.
1_Table-seating area: This table host the common table-drinks activity for groups. It can host up to 6 to 8 people. The wall has a showcase embedded in it to exhibit drinks.
2_Lounge cubes: It is for informal seating of 6 to 7 people. Around it self there is enough space for people standing.
3_The grandstand: From the left is curved proposing a new way of using the space, introducing an area that would be interesting to look at, and will produce curiosity. For to use it, we have placed 3 benches far from the angles capable of hosting 3 people. From the right is a grandstand of 3 levels capable of hosting 9 people.
©Nemanja Aleksic

©Nemanja Aleksic

4_The bench: It is a simple seating element. It can host up to 6 people.
5_Projection wall: It is a wall that can be used to project some images, movies. It also provides space for 3 people seating.
The rarity of those shapes, provides not only an eye catching element, but importantly, a object that invites to interact differently. The idea of being in a VIP area is different. It is enhanced. In Bar Rouge us unique.
The object is constructed entirely in Corian Solid Surface. Originally designed for being used in kitchen and bathroom surfaces, this material has lately become very popular and famous among architects, designers and artists due to its high performance and outstanding aesthetics.
Since Red Rouge is an object that lies between furniture, sculpture, piece of art and public space, we consider highly convenient and suitable to use this material, to boost its visual aesthetic impact.
© 100architects

© 100architects

Since the corporative color of Bar Rouge is red, and therefore our installations has been called Red Rouge, we couldn’t choose any other color than RED.
We have decided to make the entire VIP area in one single color, to strengthen and boost its image and visual impact on the terrace.

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Grounded Object

Product definition

It is an inhabitable architectural object inserted on top of an existing urban environment, but alienated from its surroundings.
This architectural object intervenes in the space by touching the ground and acting as an accessible and multifunctional platform, allowing people to stand on top of it and interact directly.
The main objective of this conceptual prototype is to trigger a massive public interest to the place, encouraging the rise of high public affluence, becoming a remarkable virtual landmark that attracts customers and cultivates important human dynamics and commercial activity.