Surgical Intervention

Added intervention

Surgical Intervention

Surgical Intervention
It is an intervention of an existing structure; the intervention can be partial or overall depending of each individual case.
It is based on the removal and/or modification of its mass, and the addition of architectural elements to define new functions such as retail, commerce, entertainment areas and public spaces commonly open to the public.

Its characteristics allow it to be positioned in buildings of any type of program, providing a wide range of possibilities for developers, yet engaging with its exterior public function, with no access restrictions.
Among the possible interventions, it can be applied to the lower floors of the building, opening them to the city, promoting its public use and minimizing occupation and impact on the land.

Also it is used to intervene roofs, creating new panoramic public spaces which, depending on the characteristics of the existing building, acquire different morphological features (flat, sloped or stepped).

Another intervention feature is the reuse of abandoned structures, transforming it into leisure platforms, for trade, entertainment or vertical green areas, maintaining their original material properties.
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Among its functions, often creates new places for collective leisure with a variety of spatial alternatives for public use, which are supplemented with commercial related programs such as restaurants, small shops, foods and beverages, art galleries, among others.
It produces an unconventional urban experience, where the boundaries between public and private are blurred increasing the public identity of the city through its inhabitants.