Red Dot Award 2018 for Environmental Graphics

Red Dot Award 2018 for Environmental Graphics




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The Chain Effect
The Chain Effect, our project in collaboration with Anomaly Shanghai, has been awarded with one of the most sought-after design awards in the world, the Red Dot Design Award 2018 on the category of Environmental Graphics.
The Chain Effect is a public space intervention within the framework of Shanghai’s Urban Design Festival hosted in 2017, and powered by MINI China through its platform Urban Matters, which curates and creates design solutions that tackle urban challenges confronting China’s creative class.

Urban Matters

The Urban Design Festival is an ongoing event in Shanghai aiming to identify urban issues derived from modern daily life style, and seeking to create interesting design solutions to solve them.
The “modern urban issue” to be tackled by the collaborative duet Anomaly + 100 Architects was to improve the pedestrian circulation in old neighborhoods of the city, where sidewalks are narrow and usually massively occupied by bicycles and scooters parked on them, and where zebra crossings are congested with people.

Anomaly + 100 Architects

The issue to be tackled was the bicycle parking congestion due to the proliferation of bicycles from the booming bike-sharing companies like Mobike or Ofo in Shanghai and China in general, which has created a new problem in the narrow sidewalks of the city, hindering the circulation of pedestrians.

Congested bike parking


Cogested bike parking

Inspired by the chain of a bicycle, we came up with a simple yet creative graphic that would indicate the users the positions to park the bikes and also suggest in which angle they should be parked, optimizing the accommodation of more bikes in certain areas and freeing up 0,5 meters of sidewalk for a more comfortable pedestrian circulation.

Design Diagram 1




Chain Bike Parking


Bike Parking


Bike Parking Graphic


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