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Our friends from ArchDaily have featured us in a bunch of articles.
In this page please find all the articles they have done for us.
We are grateful and honoured to the ArchDaily team!
You can check them all by clicking in here!

You may view the ‘Pixeland’ article here:
“A public space beautification comprising a combination of different outdoor facilities in a single space, such as landscape features, playscape features for kids and leisure features for adults.”
Go to the article by clicking here!

You may view the ‘Red planet’ article here:
“The red planet features a bubbling basketball field which serves as a surreal playground, providing an artificial topography for playing, climbing, sliding, sitting, laying.”
Go to the article by clicking here!

You may view the ‘Club med’ article here:
“Based on a Mediterranean feelings of holidays, which is swimming, the Lobby was conceptualized to mimic a swimming pool, in which visitors would be submerged under water.”
Go to the article by clicking here!

You may view the ‘huellas artes’ article here:
“Se trata de una intervención arquitectónica que propone la re-configuración de un determinado espacio a través del realce de las rutinas diarias de dicho lugar.”
Go to the article by clicking here!

We hope you enjoy it!
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we encourage you to do so, it would be much appreciated!

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