A light tensile canopy on top of a lawn inspired by a perforated leaky leaf







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Leaky Leaf
Dubai | United Arab Emirates
Leaky Leaf is a proposal for a piece of programmatic landscape along a new pedestrian waterfront promenade in Dubai’s creek, aiming to complement the existing promenade design with a featured meeting & lounge space that would combine entertaining facilities over a large patch of lawn and trees.


In order to create a sense of “space” over what at first glance looks like a simple patch of lawn, a light canopy structure was designed to cover the designated area, virtually enclosing a distinctive space and filtering the sunlight.


The big canopy was designed inspired by a leaky leaf, known as a leaf with perforations on its surface.


Those perforations are interpreted in our proposal as circular openings on the canopy, which unveil the position of the lounge areas, apart from serving as structural rings for the forest of pillars.


Through some of those perforations were also planned some leafy trees in order to provide enough shadowing.


The tensile fabric canopy was designed with double curvature to appeal as an eye-catching & colorful shading structure over the gathering spots and playful features. It opens up on the corners inviting people to approach and access the space, while in the middle it closes down offering shelter and that sense of spatial distinction.


Its materiality was rendered as semi-translucent, to filter the sunlight without blocking it completely.


To enhance its shape and presence during night time, green neon flex LED lighting was proposed in all the canopy’s perimeter, perfect for calling the attention of passersby and creating a futuristic atmosphere to hang out and while away.


Project Name: Leaky leaf
Design: 100architects (Shanghai)
Design Team: Marcial Jesús, Javier González, Lara Broglio, Mónica Páez, Keith Gong, Cosima Jiang.
Client: EMAAR Properties
Area: 1,500 m2
Completion: August 2019
Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


Leaky leaf

A light tensile canopy that gently poses on top of a lawn on Dubai’s waterfront, creating areas for resting, lounge spaces, playground spots and scenographic viewpoints toward the sea

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Product definition

It is an inhabitable architectural object inserted on top of an existing urban environment, but alienated from its surroundings.
This architectural object intervenes in the space by touching the ground and acting as an accessible and multifunctional platform, allowing people to stand on top of it and interact directly.
The main objective of this conceptual prototype is to trigger a massive public interest to the place, encouraging the rise of high public affluence, becoming a remarkable virtual landmark that attracts customers and cultivates important human dynamics and commercial activity.


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