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The Bucky Bar

by DUS architects

The Bucky Bar





The Bucky Bar by DUS architects.
“The world is a stage – Public Architecture is the staging of all events of life.”
Spontaneously built Bucky Bar leads to large public street party
On Friday evening Feb. 19th the illegal appearance of the Bucky Bar led to a spontaneous street party in wintertime. The dome bar made entirely of umbrellas, seemed to appear suddenly out of nowhere around a lamppost in the centre of Rotterdam. The fully equipped bar, complete with DJ and drinks, was built directly on site.
Approximately 300 visitors danced despite the cold under the umbrella roof, until at 2:00am when the police ended the party, as there was no permit.

Visitors were asked to gather Friday night at 10 PM at a junction at Witte de With / Schiedamsevest and bring an umbrella to personally contribute to the spontaneous building.
Exactly at 10 the party started in full swing, and old and young, architects and coincidental visitors danced together despite the cold. Umbrellas were attached to each other into one big shelter, so even a bit of rain didn’t kill the party.
The Bucky Bar was part of a series of five unsolicited positive proposals for the future of the city of Rotterdam, that DUS architects in collaboration with the NAi Studio for Unsolicited Architecture launched by night by modifying official municipal billboards by pasting their own ideas over the top.

The Bucky Bar was first in the series to be realized, made from the most common and yet most unusual of building materials: umbrellas.
The title refers to the great American inventor, Buckminster Fuller, who demonstrated how minimal energy geodesic domes could open a way to a more environmentally sustainable future.
Could an umbrella dome to lead the way to a more socially sustainable future? The Bucky Bar is a full-scale model of such a future.
It shows the power of space for spontaneous gathering, for improvised shelters to host conversations, debates, games or even parties. Quote of the night: “when is the next party?!”.


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Grounded Object

Product definition

It is an inhabitable architectural object inserted on top of an existing urban environment, but alienated from its surroundings.
This architectural object intervenes in the space by touching the ground and acting as an accessible and multifunctional platform, allowing people to stand on top of it and interact directly.
The main objective of this conceptual prototype is to trigger a massive public interest to the place, encouraging the rise of high public affluence, becoming a remarkable virtual landmark that attracts customers and cultivates important human dynamics and commercial activity.


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