Pablo Juica

Pablo Juica
Architect_100architects co-founder
Pablo studied architecture in Santiago, graduated in 2011 from the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning (FAU) of the University of Chile and joined the Chilean Architects’ Association in 2012.
During his academic course, Pablo became a Workshop Class monitor (Prof. F. Dowling) and later an Assistant of Advanced Planning (Prof. M. Bertrand).
As a professional architect, he worked for renowned architecture offices in Santiago, such as BIS Arquitectos and TNG Arquitectos, leading the public architecture department and collaborating with private residential projects and large scale urban planning developments.
He moved to Bordeaux (FR) in 2008, where he explored new fields of study, such as landscape architecture and urban design, in direct contact with diverse stages of architectural conceptualization, design development and project coordination, taking part in multicultural architectural research and design teams.
During the last 3 years as a Project Architect designer, Pablo has given special emphasis to public scale projects, developing his skills and mind-set on the perception of the architecture field condition, working focused on social interactive project proposals and a participative public architectural approach to the current city needs.
Throughout this professional stage and while focusing on the public domain as a triggering tool for a better quality of life in the city, Pablo gathered a specific interest in developing and generating alternative visions for the current architectural production.
In early 2013 he joined 100architects as a co-founding partner, teaming up with Marcial Jesus and Madalena Sales.The group has been developing the organization’s positioning, core principles and production.