Marcial Jesus

Marcial Jesus
Architect_100architects founder
Marcial studied architecture in Santiago, graduated in 2010 from the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning (FAU) of the University of Chile and entered the Chilean Architects’ Association in 2011.
He moved to Venice (IT) in 2007, enriching his perception of the global scene and his cultural background, which would lead him back to Europe, professionally, later on. Before moving to China, he experienced working in worldwide renowned offices such as OMA in Rotterdam (NL), FUKSAS in Rome (IT), among others in South America, proving to be an all-round international architect.
For three years and until 2013, Marcial positioned himself as the head of the design process, leading teams of talented people from all around the world, performing as Project and Design Leader at HASSELL in Shanghai (CN). During this training period, he developed strong leadership skills while assuming the lead of any given project, tender or commission within diverse programs such as healthcare, corporations’ headquarters, commerce, culture and residential, working from concepts based upon intensive research and experimentation to technical final submissions.
The training period and experience in China gave Marcial the opportunity to better understand and ponder the reality of the contemporary global architecture production with its real implications, challenges and interests, as well as to develop a wide viewpoint of the effects that the current architectural production has on the city, a condition that influenced his search for alternative approaches.
In early 2013, determined to actively tackle demand for alternatives in the architectural professional field, Marcial enthusiastically decided to create 100architects, shortly after inviting Madalena Sales and Pablo Juica to participate as main co-founders. The group has been developing the organization’s positioning, core principles and production.