Madalena Sales

Madalena Sales
Architect_100architects co-founder
Madalena studied architecture in Lisbon, graduated in 2010 from the Faculty of Architecture (FA-UTL) of the Technical University of Lisbon, and became a member of the Portuguese Architects’ Association in 2012.
Moved to Rio de Janeiro (BR) in 2008, where she researched and developed knowledge in multiple architecture fields.
Having had direct contact with the urban atmosphere of a fast-growing emergent megacity, she reached an understanding of the urgent demand for public space proposals in the emerging world.
Following her studies in Architecture and Urban Planning, she worked for a variety of charismatic architecture offices, such as FRAGMENTOS and EMBAIXADA in Lisbon (PT), UDG (United Design Group) and HASSELL, Shanghai (CN) studio.
Until 2013 and during the last 3 years in China, Madalena developed comprehension on the current working processes and architecture conceptualization;
While contributing as main designer in a wide range of projects, either tenders or commissions, from conceptual design to construction detail, with various programmatic functions such as sports, offices, infrastructures, mixed-use, retail, hospitality, among others.
Driven by a continuous need for broader understanding of the city with its social implications, interests and possibilities, she positively embraced professional activity while keeping an interest and action in research.
Early 2013 she joined 100architects as a co-founding partner, teaming up with Marcial Jesus and Pablo Juica. The group has been developing the organization’s positioning, core principles and production.