2020 City Life Forsee Briefing

2020 City Life Forsee Briefing




2020 City Life Forsee Briefing
Ningbo | China | Exhibition

Today we’d like to share a briefing in which a project we cooperated with Ningbo Vanke is presented.
100 architects always focus on exploring public space’s creative design. Entrusted by Ningbo Vanke recently, we are working hard collaberatively to create an interactive grounds for kids combined with Vanke’s renovated development thinking”CHIP CITY” in order to attract kids and parents to participate together and inject new energy to this site.

On August 5th, Mr. Dingning, the vice general manager of Ningbo Vanke put forward his own ideas about public space and development concept. Let’s watch the video to learn more.


Just like what Mr.Ding said in the speech: The keyword of modern relations between parents and kids is “Grow together”, which is not only among kids but also between parents and kids.


So, we have two design principles when creating an interactive ground for kids :
1.How can the interactive ground be more open to more kids as well as creating more scenes;
2.How can we attract parents and kids to participate together and have a great experience.

As for principles on public space, we are in perfect harmony with Ningbo Vanke. Under such coincidence, we decided to cooperate together to create an interactive ground for kids. As Mr. Ding introduced, 100architects are a team of young and creative architects who are excellent in using bright colors and artistic installations to make kids interactive ground a space atrracting both parents and kids to play together.
This project is scheduled to be completed next year. What kind of creative ideas will come true at that time? Will kids enjoy and have fun with their parents? Let’s wait and see!

What do you think?


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